Call and response: Why I love dance

Dance is a lesson in communication. Many of us struggle to communicate with words – to find the right combination so that others receive our intended message and understand us, truly understand us. But dance is a universal language. In certain settings, it is a call and response of non-verbal communication between musicians and dancers. Dance transcends cultures. It is a collective energy; interpreted and reinterpreted. Dance creates bridges to mutual understanding. It is hope.

I recently went to Robin Gorn's CD launch. Soft Wing is her first commercial album and embodies poetic explorations into world music and afro-latin traditions, all penned by the talented singer-songwriter. Robin is a masterful collaborator – creating music in various genres and working across artistic disciplines. It is no wonder her CD launch included dance. At the event, I captured Claudine Malard's awe-inspiring dancing, and photographed others celebrating Robin's SoftWing launch in Montreal.

All photos by Elvira Truglia

#photography #dance #claudinemallard #robingorn #communication

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